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Whether you are 20 or 60 we are here to help you to prepare for your retirement

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Our Retirement Planning service

Changes in legislation have totally changed how EIS members can access their pensions and plan for their retirement.

State pension age is rising to 68 and the Teachers Pension Scheme is following suit but the good news is that you can now prepare for this and structure your plans in such a way as to allow you to retire early with much more flexibility than ever before.



We’ll take an expert look at your finances, and understand your retirement goals.



We will ascertain the level of funding you will need in order to achieve your retirement goals and suggest strategies for helping you to reach your target



We will help you to create a retirement plan and carry out regular reviews to ensure you stay on track and make the most of your money in retirement.

Before Retirement: Its never to early to start planning and ideally at least 10 years before you retire

To ensure you’re retirement ready, your EIS FS adviser will arrange to meet with you at home, at work or via videocall and will:

  • Explain your Superannuation Scheme and other entitlements
  • Advise you on how to fund for your retirement in the most tax-efficient manner possible
  • Explain how your retirement contributions can receive tax relief or reduce your overall rate of tax
  • Give you an overview of how these might fit together with other retirement options available
  • Review your existing AVC/Personal Pension Plan or other retirement provision you may have

At Retirement: 4 to 6 months before you retire

When you’re getting close, to help you make the right decisions we will:

  • Give financial advice on the investment options available to you
  • Provide advice on how you can get the most out of your AVC/Personal Pension Plan or other pension arrangements
  • Advice on how you can increase your tax-free lump sum
  • Discuss your State Benefits and other entitlements you may have in retirement
  • Advice on how to make the most of your money in retirement with an aim to achieve the retirement you desire
  • Advice on what to do with your retirement lump sum and how to incorporate it with your other investments/personal savings
  • Help on putting together your retirement plan

After Retirement: at regular points throughout your retirement

We’ll be there throughout your retirement to give you support and to keep your finances on track we will:

  • Review your savings and investments in the light of your view towards risk and the possibility of return in the current economic situation
  • Provide you with information and updates in relation to the economic and market conditions from informed investment third parties
  • Discuss your spending habits and the impact on your retirement
  • Provide you with advice on the different options available for realising your retirement funds – tailored to you. For example do you need to have regular additional income or would ad hoc sums suffice?
  • Advice on how to generate additional income to top up your pension if required
  • Discuss your spending habits and the impact on your retirement
  • Provide advice in relation to estate planning and inheritance tax

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Please select the statement below that best represents your situation.

You should be aware that by clicking onto some of the links on this page that you are leaving the EIS Financial Services website.  Please note that EIS Financial Services is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within the linked site(s) accessible from this page.

I am a member of the Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme (STSS)

If you need help calculating your benefits under the STSS or want to find out about maximising your income on retirement.

Call us now on 0345 355 3242 to discuss your pension arrangements further.

I have no pension

The current turmoil surrounding pensions has left people with uncertainty and confusion. However, in the long term, pension funds generally grow in value better than many other forms of investment.

The earlier in life you start a pension fund, the longer you have to contribute to it and the longer the fund has to ride out market fluctuations. When you add in the generous tax allowances from the government, it’s hard to find a better way to plan for retirement than with a pension.

Call us now on 0345 355 3242 to arrange a meeting to discuss your pension planning.

I have a pension and want to top it up

Many people have exciting plans for their retirement – perhaps going on the holiday of a lifetime, moving home or taking up new hobbies. But these plans are unlikely to become reality for the many people who have not made adequate pension provision for their retirement.

If you are a member of the Scottish Teachers’ Superannuation Scheme you will know that you are making some provision for your retirement, but will it be enough?

Most Teachers will have a shortfall on their maximum possible Superannuation pension. There are a number of ways to reduce this shortfall and your EIS Independent Financial Adviser can help choose the most suitable method for you, tailoring the solutions to your specific needs and objectives.

The key to retirement planning is to start as early as possible. The longer your money is invested, the longer it has to grow! Delaying by even a year or two can make a big difference to the pension you could receive.

Call us now on 0345 355 3242 to discuss your pension arrangements further.

I want to review my pension provision

There has been a lot of uncertainty about pensions over the last few years and they are rarely out of the news. Since 2006, the government has changed the face of pension planning dramatically and the Superannuation Scheme is also going through a period of change.

You may have already done something to enhance your pension with Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), Free Standing AVCs, Stakeholder Pension or a Personal Pension Plan. You may also have pensions from previous employment, out-with teaching.

These plans should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are still suitable and on track to meet your requirements. A lot of older style pensions do not benefit from “Pensions Freedoms” , new rules that came in to force in 2015 offering more flexibility with regards to accessing certain types of pensions. It may be possible to switch these older style plans to a new more flexible retirement plan.

Call us now on 0345 355 3242 to arrange a review.

I am retiring soon and want to maximise my pension

Whether you are approaching retirement or you have recently retired, there are often many areas of concern.

It is not always easy to find someone who can help with Superannuation queries, maximising income from AVCs, and offers sound investment advice.
That’s why we have launched a Retirement Advisory service, which is available to all EIS members and their family.

Some of the main issues we deal with involve investing your retirement lump sum for capital growth or to provide a regular income which can be fixed or flexible to help supplement your pension income.

An experienced Independent Financial Adviser with an excellent working knowledge of the Superannuation scheme can discuss your requirements and make a firm recommendation based on your individual circumstances.

Call us now on 0345 355 3242 for a consultation.

How can I find out more information about my pension?

There is a lot of information on the EIS website that will be of interest and this link will inform you of the various options and provide information to enable you to see what might apply to you.

How do I get my Annual Benefit Statement from the SPPA?

You are able to obtain your Annual Benefit Statement from SPPA by logging in or registering via this link.

How do I work out how much pension I might receive?

If the details on your statement are correct you can then use the online calculators to work out your pension.
Please note the figures provided will be based on current legislation.

How will the proposed changes from the McCloud judgement affect me?

There are pension changes due to happen as a result of the outcome of the McCloud judgement. Please click on the link to find further information here.

The EIS website will be updated with any further developments as the impact become clear. The administrative and legislative changes required by the judgement should be in place later this year.

I understand that I may be able to work part-time and retire in phases. How does Phased Retirement work?

If you are thinking about Phased Retirement, you can read about how this works here.

How much notice do I need to give the SPPA of my intention to retire?

For retirals the SPPA like to have 3 – 4 month’s notice in order that your pension benefits are in place on time. The form you will need to complete and submit to them is available here:

Member guidance for completing application form STSS: (RET) (

This process also involves your employer.

There is also a word version available on their website Teachers – Forms | SPPA ( (form 25)

How is my employer involved in my retirement process?

You need to check your contract for the required notice period that you need to give your employer. Your employer also needs to fill out Part 2 of the Retirement form after you have completed Part 1. Your employer will then forward the completed form to SPPA for processing.