Life Insurance

Most of us want to protect the things that are important to us, our family, and ensure things are financially secure should the worst happen.

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What is Life Insurance?

There are many different types of Life Insurance cover. Whether it’s to cover your mortgage, protect your family, or just for peace of mind an EISFS Financial Adviser can help to guide you through the options and ensure that you get the right level and type of cover to suit your needs. Cover can be arranged for a specified term or for the whole of your life. We can also offer advice on Critical Illness cover and Income Protection plans. Here is how we can help you.


Your circumstances

We make sure we fully understand your circumstances and objectives, reviewing any existing life insurance cover you may have.


Your options

As independent financial advisers we research and compare the whole of the market, ensuring that you receive the best cover for your specific needs and circumstances.



As your financial adviser we liaise with the life insurance providers on your behalf, keeping you updated from start to finish on the policy set-up


Ongoing service

As part of our ongoing service we make sure your life insurance cover remains suitable and we will make any necessary adjustments should your circumstances change

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When should I consider life insurance?

Your insurance options can be reviewed at any time. However, if you are considering or have recently done any of the below, this may be a good opportunity to review your current position.

• You have benefitted from an increase in salary
• You are considering or are already retired. Cover from your employer may have stopped
• You have bought a new home
• You are having children. Therefore, you now have dependents you want to protect and make sure they are taken care of if something were to happen to you
• You are considering changing job or career
• You have old insurance policies that may not have been reviewed in a while

What does life insurance cover?

Life insurance is a way of protecting your family and loved ones when you die. It can help them cope financially when they can no longer rely on your income.

Life insurance can provide a lump sum to help clear debts, such as a mortgage, or provide an inheritance. Additionally, a regular income could be provided to your family and loved ones in the form of a Family Income Benefit Policy.

Our independent financial advisers can help you determine which form of cover is most suitable for your needs and circumstances.

How much life insurance do I need?

It all depends on your specific needs and circumstances. The amount of cover can be different for each person.

The amount of cover required often changes with life events such as starting a family or buying a home. Often people will have some form of cover through their employer. However, with the help of one of our financial advisers we can help you determine if that is sufficient and how much cover you require.

It is important to regularly review your life insurance cover as your needs and circumstances change.