Retirement Planning

Recent changes in legislation have totally changed how EIS members can access their pensions and plan for their retirement.

State pension age is rising to 68 and the Teachers’ Pension Scheme is following suit but the good news is that you can now plan for this and structure your plans in such a way as to allow you to retire early with much more flexibility than ever before.

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Joining the Teachers' Pension Scheme is a great start ... but will it be enough?

If you started teaching later in your career you may have some lost time to make up, or perhaps you started young but don't want to wait until state pension age to retire.

An EISFS Financial Adviser can arrange a meeting to review your circumstances and build a comprehensive plan to ensure that you meet your goals.

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Pensions can be complicated and confusing, however, in the long term pension funds generally grow in value better than many other forms of investment.

The earlier in life you start a pension fund, the longer you can contribute and the longer the fund has to grow.

When you add in the valuable tax allowances from the government, it’s hard to find a better way to plan for retirement.

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Many EIS members have exciting plans for their retirement - perhaps going on the holiday of a lifetime, moving house or taking up new hobbies. But these plans are unlikely to become reality for many people who have not made adequate pension provision for their retirement.

If you are a member of the Scottish Teachers’ Pension Scheme you will know that you are making some provision for your retirement, but will it be enough?

The introduction of Pension Freedoms mean that there are more options than ever and it is vital that you get sound, independent advice to ensure that you don't end up with a shortfall or an unexpected tax bill in retirement. Your EISFS Financial Adviser can help assess your situation and make a firm recommendation on a suitable course of action.

The longer your money is invested, the longer it has to grow and delaying your planning by even a year can make a huge difference to the pension you could receive.

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You may have already done something to enhance your pension with Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), Free Standing AVCs or a Personal Pension Plan.

Pension options have changed dramatically over recent years though and the introduction of Pension Freedoms means that many older style pensions are no longer suitable.

These pensions should be reviewed regularly to ensure that they continue to meet your needs and that your plans remain on track.

As Independent Financial Advisers, we are able to review any pension plans you may have and recommend a suitable strategy going forward.

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Whether you are approaching retirement or you have recently retired, there are often many areas of concern.

It is not always easy to find someone who can help with Teachers' Pension queries, maximising income from AVCs or other pensions, and offers sound investment advice.

That's why we offer a comprehensive Retirement Advisory service, which is available to all EIS members and their family.

We have designed this service to help EIS members understand their options with regard to maximising tax free pension lump sums, planning for the transition to retirement, and investing for capital growth or to provide a regular income.

A qualified EISFS Financial Adviser, with an excellent working knowledge of the Teachers' Pension Scheme, can discuss your requirements and make a firm recommendation based on your individual circumstances.

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