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The value of investments may go down as well as up and you may not get back as much as you originally invested.

Most people recognise the importance of saving for the future. There are many events which, today, may seem like a long way off but when the time comes will require a substantial financial commitment. Events such as children's higher education fees, the cost of a son or daughter's wedding, home improvements, or even the holiday of a lifetime can be expensive and planning for these events can take the financial strain away, leaving you free to concentrate on other things. Call us now on 0345 355 3242 to discuss your future savings plans.

Regular checks on your investments should be as routine as regular checks on your health. The decisions you took when setting up your investments were based on the market conditions and your attitude to risk at that particular point in your life. However, your expectations and attitudes may have changed over the years and the decisions you made initially may not be the most appropriate for current market conditions. We can review all of your investments and give you a clear indication of how they are performing at any given moment and whether they are still suitable for your needs. Often large changes are not necessary and a simple course correction is all that is required so that your investment can get back on track. Call us now on 0345 355 3242 to arrange a review of your investments.

Generally, investors who are looking for income are recently retired and trying to enhance their pension income by utilising retirement lump sums and existing investments. There are a number of very attractive, tax efficient ways to draw an income from your savings. An EISFS Independent Financial Adviser can guide you through the maze of options available and make a clear recommendation on the most suitable arrangement for your individual circumstances. Call us now on 0345 355 3242 to discuss your options further.

Banks and Building Societies used to be seen as 'safe havens' but, while the capital value of the investment may be secure, the 'real' value of your money may be seriously eroded by inflation. This is often referred to as 'Going Broke Slowly'. With interest rates at record lows, the issue of where to put your hard earned money is causing concern for many EIS members. Whether you are investing for capital growth, to provide a regular income, or for tax efficiency, we can guide you through your options in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. Call us on 0345 355 3242 for further information.

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